Scott was born in Philadelphia, PA on 2/22/66. He picked up his first guitar, his aunts Martin D28, at the age of 10. He immediately immersed himself in the music of the classic British rock artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream, Pink Floyd, The Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and others. Throughout his early teen years, Scott expanded his tastes too more eclectic progressive rock. Some of the music he played in high school bands was from Yes, Genesis, UK, Kansas, and Rush. It was during this time that Scott discovered the music of Steely Dan, Return to Forever, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Hillage, Brand X, and the Dixie Dregs. Possibly the worst vocalist anyone has ever heard, Scott realized that instrumental music was his calling! Inevitably, this led to jazz. From this point on, Scott listened to every great jazz recording he could get his ears on.

While studying premed at Emory University in Atlanta from 1984-1987, Scott dug deep into the music of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Pat Martino, Mike Stern, Robben Ford, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, and Scott Henderson. He also befriended local Atlanta legend Barry Richman who had an undeniable impact on Scott’s playing. In 1987, Scott made a big decision and transferred to Berklee College of Music. Some may make disparaging comments about Berklee, but Scott found that Berklee was the single most important thing that helped to shape his playing into what it is now.

At Berklee, Scott became friendly with and played with many incredible musicians. Guys like Scott Kinsey (keys), Steve Wolf (drums), Tomo Fujita (guit), Christian Rover (guit), and his very close friend Jinshi Ozaki (guit). Scott is still very close with Jinshi, who resides and plays in the Los Angeles area. All night jam sessions, with some of the best players in the school, both inspired and motivated. These interactive sessions opened Scott’s eyes to the world of playing behind the beat, inside/outside harmony, triadic superimposition, and many other advanced jazz improv techniques. Of course, comping and chord work developed as well.

It was during this period that Scott started fusing his blues-rock background with the latest contemporary jazz ideas. Of course, listening to players like Robben Ford and Scott Henderson helped Scott to find his own voice. In addition to these influences, Scott also culls influence from Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, and countless other monsters!

After Berklee, the path clear, Scott has been focusing on furthering the improvisational skills that characterize his playing, whether in the blues, rock, fusion, or jazz idioms. This, of course, was the main reason that Scott decided in 1992 to quit playing in the various Atlantic City casino bands and Philadelphia area society wedding bands that were his main occupation at that time. This type of work allowed no freedom to create. In addition, a work opportunity opened up that seemed to good to pass up.

Since 1992, Scott has been working in the family financial business during the day. This has provided a solid foundation for his family; his wife Olga, daughter Sela (born 11/00), and the twins Derrin and Talia (born 12/04) . It has enabled him to pursue an assortment of internet collaborative projects, as well as providing many tone samples for various gear manufacturers.

In July of 2005, Scott's first CD was released on Progressive Arts Music. A complilation of new talent called Fresh Blood. Although local gigging has been sporadic, Scott plans on getting more active in the coming months and you'll be certain to see more of him in the South Jersey, Philadelphia, and tristate area.