The gear I use now represents my ultimate in guitar tone for the various styles I play.

2 space rack
Furman AR1215 Voltage Regulator
Eventide Eclipse
Van den Hul Cable
Cardas patch cables
Cardas Crosslink Speaker cable
Digital Music Corp Ground Control Pro
Boss EV5 _Expression Pedal
Boss DP2 Pedal
Peterson VSII strobe tuner
Rig is wet/wet with 2 heads and 2 cabs in stereo

Baker B1
Baker Robben Ford
Heatley Standard Semihollow
Heritage H535
Jaros Semihollow
Gibson ES175
Martin D28
Soloway Swan
Wechter Nylon String Double Cut

Fuchs SLX 100
Fuchs SLX 30
Fuchs/Lerner Fender Prosonic mod
Fuchs/Lerner Fender 75 mod
Glaswerks SOD50
THD Flexi 50
Aircraft amp from Matt Bruck
Rivera Quiana

THD 2X12
Bob Burt Custom Cabs
Jenkins 1X12 cab: Scumback H75
Jenkins 2X12 cab: Scumback H75 LDHC
Fuchs 1X12 open back: EVM Classic 12L reissues
Avatar 1X12 ported w/ Celestion Lead 80
Scumback Speakers H75 & H75 LDHC
Eminence Wizard
Eminence Tonespotter
Electrovoice EVM12L

Axess Electronics GRX4 Router/Switcher
Analogman Ibanez TS-9 w/ Silvermod
Analogman Boss DS-1 w/ mod
Analogman Bi-Compressor
Foxrox Captain Coconut
Hermida Audio Zendrive
Xotic AC Booster
Xotic RC Booster
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2
Peterson VSII Tuner
Wolfetone Pickups
TC Electronic G-Major
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Evidence Cable
Zaolla Cable
Groove Tubes Brick Mic Pre
Shure SM57 mic
Audix I5 mic
Cardas interconnect speaker cable
T-Rex Replica delay for "light rig" gigs


Studiocat Ultra DAW dual boot workstation w/AMD X2 4800+
Steinberg Cubase SX3
Millenium STT-1 Origin Channel Strip
Millenium TD-1 half rack recording system
Universal Audio UAD1 UltraPak
Presonus Central Station
Dynaudio BM5A
Beyer DT770 Headphones
Shure SM57 mic
Audix OM2 mic
Oktava MK319 condenser

Fuchs Guitar Amps

Gene Baker Guitars

Heritage Guitars

Analogman Guitar Effects

Groove Tubes

Xotic Effects